9 Minnetonka Rd,

Somerdale, NJ 08083


Class Description

We offer class 3 times a week year round. Our classes are a combination of technique, conditioning, and live wrestling. We have multiple coaches to accommodate each skill level and offer a tournament schedule that runs throughout the year, to keep our wrestlers active.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Gi and No-GI
We offer Jiu-Jitsu classes for our youth and adults. Our adult program runs year round 2 night per week in Fall and Winter and 4 nights in Spring and Summer. The youth program runs during our Spring and Summer sessions on Monday and Wednesday nights. We offer No-Gi classes and Gi classes weekly. Our belt promotions occur every 3-4 months. All promotions follow the IBJJF belt system, which is recognized in NAGA and IBJJF competitions. These classes offer dynamic warm-ups, followed by technique then, end with live grappling.

Muay Thai – Kickboxing
We offer adult Muay Thai classes (ages 13and up) on Thursday nights from 6 – 7. Muay Thai has proved to be the most effective stand up fighting style in combat sports. Our techniques are effective in the cage and for self-defense. Each class will offer dynamic warm ups, technique, and conditioning. All students that want to spar, can for 30 minutes, between classes in the competition cage.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Adult MMA classes (ages 13and up) are on Tuesday nights from 6 – 7. The class allows our instructors to bring together Muay Thai, BJJ, and Wrestling, to create the ultimate fighting style. Each class will offer dynamic warm ups, technique, and conditioning. Students that want to spar, will have 30 minutes between classes to use our competition cage. There are options available for any member who wants to try their skills in local promotional fights.

Strength and Conditioning
We offer Strength and Conditioning for all ages on Friday nights. This class begins with circuit training and then transitions into cross-fit exercises. We also do team building activities that challenge the minds of our competitors. Our goal is to condition our athletes to be strong, both physically and mentally, throughout this program.

Additional Training
We offer extra training to those students who want to get some extra work in for wrestling or MMA competition. Additional Class times will be posted on our Facebook page each Thursday.